About Us

Our mission and our values demonstrate who we are and flow from what we believe.

Our Mission

The mission of GKII ELSHADDAI Kerobokan is to passionately pursue God, love people, and transform lives through the power of the Gospel.

Guided by the teachings of Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are committed to:



To glorify God through heartfelt worship, prayer, and the sacraments, fostering intimacy with Him and cultivating a deep reverence for His presence.



To nurture spiritual growth and maturity in believers, equipping them to become devoted followers of Christ who reflect His character in every aspect of their lives.



To foster a welcoming and inclusive community where individuals are valued, accepted, and supported, and where genuine relationships are built upon love, grace, and mutual respect.



To actively engage in sharing the Gospel with our local community and beyond, demonstrating God's love through compassionate service, evangelism, and missions.


Justice & Mercy

To advocate for justice, mercy, and righteousness in our society, standing against oppression, injustice, and inequality, and extending God's compassion and care to the marginalized and vulnerable.



To pursue unity among believers, transcending denominational, cultural, and social barriers, and fostering a spirit of cooperation and collaboration for the advancement of God's Kingdom.

Here's What We Value as a Church

As a church, our values form the foundation of our identity and guide our actions and decisions. Our values shape how we interact with one another and the world around us. Here are some key values that we hold dear:

Faith: We believe in the power of faith to transform lives and communities. Our faith in God guides us in all that we do.

Love: Love is at the heart of our mission. We strive to love one another as Christ loved us, showing compassion, kindness, and acceptance to all.

Unity: We value unity within our church family, recognizing that we are stronger when we stand together in solidarity and support one another in our journey of faith.

Service: We are committed to serving others, following the example of Jesus Christ, who came not to be served but to serve. We seek to meet the needs of our community and beyond, extending a helping hand to those in need.

Integrity: We uphold honesty, integrity, and transparency in all our dealings, both within the church and in our interactions with the wider world. We strive to live out our values with authenticity and sincerity.

Diversity: We celebrate the diversity of God’s creation, embracing people of all backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives. We believe that our differences enrich us and help us to grow together as a community.